reasons i tend to not talk

  • people always interrupt me to tell another story because apparently my story isn’t good enough for their ears
  • i sound like an idiot who just learned to talk two hours ago
  • people seem disinterested in what i’m saying
  • i hate my voice
  • i have something really mean to say
  • i hate you
  • i repeat because this happens a lot: people interrupt me and never let me finish and i feel really shitty about myself because no one seems to want to listen to me

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"Real Men Don’t Wear Make-up", Thomas photographed by Bert Houbrechts for Dazed & Confused Dec00, wearing green shirt and green jumper by Polo Ralph Lauren and green satin scarf from Camden Market, styling by Christopher Niquet

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i hate that i watched i don’t need to like more white boys…but the thirst is too strong…

im very sorry


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i’m considering the film for him alone tbh he’s hot

i feel like everyone should watch this interview of him (this is a snippet watch the entire thing tbh) and look at how ADORABLE he is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqUuTLh6pHk

i’ve converted many after this interview

people complaining about jamie dornan acting in an already shit film/book. like please do you even kNOW jamie


Siki Im Fall/Winter 2014 Backstage 720213:

A BRIEF CRACK OF LIGHTChris Beek and Felix Gesnouin for VISION CHINAPhotographer: Amit IsraeliArt Director: Nicolas Santos
Fashion editor: Pau AviaHair: Joseph PujalteMake-up: Giulio Panciera 720213:

TENSIONDior Homme ss14 Backstage
Photography: Phil MeechArt Direction and Artwork: Nicolas Santos