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Anonymous: You keep trying. Be persistent and insisting. Better yourself and better your work any way you can. Don't give up, it's not the end.

Bless you. I needed this :*


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Anonymous: Any words of advice for a 2nd year history major? Motivation to study just doesn't exist for me. How did you do it?

question, do you enjoy your major? sometimes you enjoy it but lack the motivation to study for it. if you do like it, the first step is to not take it as studying. absorb everything that comes your way as an interesting and entirely new topic/discovery. once you manage to do that everything else that comes after will be manageable.

i know it sounds very corny but i started to realise this on my last year (unfortunately) and i did very well despite not studying so much. it’s because i enjoyed doing my readings and i internalised them without “studying” for it. everything sort of comes together naturally and you see the sequence of events as stories. once you do that conscientiously, you are able to form coherent arguments and points in your essays and exams.

if you don’t enjoy it so far, look through your classes/modules and see if you’re actually interested in these topics? are there other history modules offered at your uni that might peak your interest? are there professors that you love learning from? always choose your classes wisely! 

if you hate history as a whole, maybe you should switch majors. 

just some additional stuff: 

  • always keep up with your readings, don’t leave them to the last minute.
  • as you do your readings, jot down notes and extract potential arguments from the reading that can be used in your essays 
  • find your strengths. do you fare better in european history? japanese history? military history? try to take as many of those as possible so you will not perceive everything as a “task” for example you enjoy military history and russian history. then take up modules where both areas intersect.
  • spend at least 5 hours each week in the library looking up books that might help you. assigned readings are not enough!! balance everything against a good book
  • to write impressive essays, use as many academic journals as possible. they open up a lot more arguments that you can consider

what motivated me to study is the very idea of spending thousands per semester to earn a degree and this opportunity is not readily available to anyone. i’m also from a lower income family so entering uni was a big deal and it cost my family loads. i wasted a few semesters cos of personal issues but i picked myself up on the last year. you’re lucky to be there and to do what you do. 

set goals as to how much you can study per day. be kind to yourself. don’t cramp everything in at the last minute. set aside 2-4 hours each day for some revision. if you break up your revision time, it will be absolutely fine and studying would be less of a chore! 

it sucks but some people simply possess a natural flair for their respective majors and they hardly study but some of us need to work hard for an A.  

all the best you can do it (✿◕‿◕✿)

Anonymous: tacky lady maybe he likes u???????!!! (so do i)

Hi you’re my fave anon!! How’ve you been?

Anonymous: Thanks for answering my Question Grill, if you're coming to London I'll consider being your hot London BF and roll around on your bed with my thinkpad. Consider it.

Yes please except can it be on your bed? Cos I need to bunk in somewhere for a bit. Thanks xoxo

Anonymous: Not previous anon but 'NEET' is an acronym within UK education/employment authorities for 'Not in Employment, Education or Training' - usually applied to young people. I shudder. p.s. hetero male doing maths degree here, love your work

Ah yes just did a quick search. Thanks! Can’t wait to be in London!!!! (Also why mention you’re hetero just wondering)

Anonymous: Did you go to university? If not, how did you get your job? (/Or are you a full-time Neet)

Yes I’m done with uni I’m a history graduate. What job do you speak of?



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